Polybak 0.6mm/0.024" 30x20cm 5-pack

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Polybak is made from thick kraft paper that is impregnated with a polyester resin. It is brown with a smooth surface and has a grain direction running the length of the sheet. It is stiff but bendable. It is moisture resistant and easy to paint and glue. It can be thermo set by wrapping it around a former and heating to 140C in an oven or with a heat gun.
It is a great substitute for thin plywood as it is less prone to warping and about half the price. It also laser cuts with less power than similar thickness plywood and has minimal charring of the cut edge.
Polybak laser cuts crisply and will take very fine detail. It also engraves well and turns very dark when engraved.

Pack of 5 sheets 30x20cm, 0.6mm thick (0.024")

A note about shipping:
Shipping small amounts is quite expensive due to the weight breaks for small packages. Once you go above 1kg, prices increase with 1kg weight increments, making it much more affordable to ship larger quantities. An example: 1 pack (5 sheets) PB Ultra will cost DKK 81 to ship within Europe (DKK 16.20 per sheet). 10 packs (50 sheets) PB Ultra will cost DKK 235 to ship within Europe (DKK 4.70 per sheet)
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