Busted Bricks strives to combine engineering and art in it's designs. They are made from a range of materials from modern composites to traditional woods and metals. Some parts are laser cut from CAD drawings, other parts are hand cut, assembled and finished.

The man behind Busted Bricks is me, Michael Brix Husted Henriksen (guess where the trading name is derived from). I'm self-taught in CAD design, machining, soldering, welding etc. I have always had an interest in anything mechanical and my love for kinetic art was awakened when I saw a Jean Tinguely exhibition at the age of 7. My interest are varied. I've designed, built and flown R/C aircraft for over 25 years. For several years I was into East Block military and civilian vehicles and have owned cars, motorcycles and trucks from DDR and USSR.

Besides the range of kits I also build bespoke Rolling Ball Machines to order. Contact me if interested. I work with wood, brass (solderrd) and stainless steel (TIG welded).

In September 2013 we relocated from the UK to the Faroe Islands and now live on the island Sandoy